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The last Heraldic item to be mentioned in this list is on the Crawfurd Gallery.
It was not included in that file on the grounds that it was not concerned in the tracing of the line of the Crawfurd family, all the other Shields could be ascribed to individuals.
It is assumed that this panel belongs to the original work carved by the workmen believed to have been brought over from the continent to do so. That being the case, then it ought to refer to Sir John Crawfurd, knighted by King Charles I in 1642.

The device shown here is the badge of the Order of the Thistle. However, there is no known reference to Sir John, or even any of his descendants being Members of the Order. Had they been, then the Arms would show membership by means of the Badge being hung below it from the Collar of the particular Order.
The Crowned Thistle, above, is used to denote the holder of an office under the Crown. Again there is no record of any such office having been held.