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The fourth memorial shares the Ladyland Pew with the Arms of an earlier holder of the Barony, those of William Hamilton. They occur at the top of the canopy, and are repeated on the unseen inside of the boss which bears them, and are a version of those on the first and fourth quarter of these Arms.
It has been accepted that the Arms below are those of William Hamilton of Ladyland with those of his wife Janet Brisbane. The Lyon Court states "the Arms would appear to show a version of the Hamilton of Ladyland without the bordure, but Arms that do not relate to the surname Brisbane, and indeed, appear to be rather similar to Blair Arms". The note goes on to say that Janet Brisbane was the daughter of Brisbane of Bishopton whose Arms are blazoned below.

The Arms of Brisbane of Bishopton which should be shown here are: Sable, a chevron chequy Or and Gules between three cushions Or.