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John Crawfurd, 1st Viscount Garnock.

Centre of Gallery.

Quarterly 1st and 4th, Azure, three crosses pattée Argent; 2nd and 3rd Gules a fess chequy Argent and Azure; over all an inescutcheon Gules charged of a fess Ermine. Supporters dexter a Highlander in a short tunic, his shield charged of the arms of Crawfurd. Sinister a greyhound Argent gorged of a collar Ermine.

The first Viscount Garnock was the person who commissioned the shields which decorate the front of the gallery, and which show his descent from the owners of these Arms. The work was done in 1705.

He was elevated to the peerage because he had twice represented the County of Ayr in the Scottish Parliament.

The title originally granted was "of Mount Crawfurd"; no such place ever existed, and soon was changed to "of Garnock".

The coronet shown above the Arms is that of a viscount, and the motto below "Hinc Honor et Salus" means "Thus honour and health".

The family seat was at Place Castle to the west of the town, a seventeenth century addition to the old fortified tower of the fifteenth century. It was completely destroyed by fire in 1757, after which time the family removed to Crawford Priory in Fife.

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