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John Lyon, Lord Glamis.

S 6.

Argent a lion rampant Azure armed and langued Gules within a double tressure flory counterflory Azure.

There are many interesting features about this Coat of Arms suggesting a link to royalty. The Lion Rampant is found on the Royal Arms in Gules ( Red). Another link is the Tressure or border "Flory counterflory" which means a border showing the Fleur-de-lys on outside and inside. This was very seldom granted to commoners, although some families who traced their descent from Flanders, such as Fleming, used it. The Lyon shown can also be "Canting" or "Punning" Arms. Bowes for instance have for Arms an archer’s bow.

Lyon is not a name that figures in the more murderous aspects of history, being content to thrive in peaceful interests, in later generations, education.

Glamis Castle is in Strathmore, and Sir John Lyon was the Thane of Glamis in 1372. He married a daughter of King Robert II. He was a near descendant of the Chiefs of Clan Lamont and his Arms of a blue lion on a field of silver were the reverse of the Lamont’s.

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