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David Carnegie of Southesk.

D 2.

Argent an eagle displayed Azure armed beaked and membered Gules, on its breast an antique covered cup, Or.

This is one of the cases on the gallery where the carving does not agree with the blazon as the "covered cup" is not shown.

When JamesVI succeeded to the English crown in 1603 he did not wait long in Scotland and left his queen behind. David Carnegie was given the task of escorting her to London and was knighted for the service and the following year he was appointed a commissioner to hammer out the details of the Union of the Crowns. He is noted as a strong supporter of the King’s policies and received a letter of thanks in 1604.

The reform of St.Andrews University five years later and a commission to examine the penal laws and taxation in 1616 earned the title of Lord Carnegie of Kinnaird, and appointment as a Lord of Session until the King’s death in 1625.

Charles I created him Earl of Southesk at his coronation. His later history showed him to be anti-Covenant, but when that party held the upper hand he submitted to their authority. Oliver Cromwell fined him 3,000.

He died at the advanced age of eighty-three.

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