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John Blair of Blair.

D 5.


Argent on a saltire Sable nine mascles Argent.

This is another coat which does not agree with the Blazon, showing five mascles of the first instead of nine of the first, with a chief Sable.

Many of the families who were allied in marriage with the Crawfurds were prominent in national and international affairs. The Blair of Blair line, with their seat in the parish of Dalry seem to have attracted little attention from historians. There is, however, a reference from the time of Edward I, when he was claiming sovereignty over Scotland, opposed by few save William Wallace and his small army. Some 2,000 nobles knights and ecclesiastics did not flock to his banners, but signed what became known as the "Ragman’s Roll" swearing allegiance to the English king. This document was enacted in Berwick-on-Tweed on August 28th 1296. One of the names was Huwe of the Blare.

A later member of the family was John Blayr (Spelling was very variable) who witnessed an instrument of Sasine in favour of Robert Hunter of Hunterston in 1514. This document is in the Hunterston Papers.

It would seem that they never aspired to be anything more than commoners.

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