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While the minor difference concerning the chevron and stars mentioned by the Clerk is seen clearly here, the panel closely resembles the one in the church. The helmet and the Motto are also seen.
The Lyon Clerk looked at the records when I enquired about tinctures (colours). The verdict is that the colours in the case of the Crawfurd quarters seems to have been constant in all cases and are as given on Page 3. Ker posed a greater problem in that she was only able to find descriptions of the Arms on stone without colours, and by the time colours were given, then "the Arms are somewhat different. Assuming, however, that the colours were the same, although the arrangement changed, I would suggest that it is probable that the Ker of Kersland quarter was Gules, a chevron Argent between three mullets Argent." Careful, as ever, the Clerk adds "This could, however, at some date, be shown to be wrong."

The next End Note refers to the Cochrane-Patrick Memorial in the Cunningham Aisle.
The inscription on this fine plaque reads: -

" To the Glory of God and in loving memory of W.J. Charles Cochrane-Patrick yr. of Ladyland, D.S.O., M.C. with Bar. Major of the Royal Air Force. Born 1896 Died 1933.
A distinguished airman and very gallant leader. Killed while on aerial survey of which he was the pioneer in many lands ".
     "I bare you on eagles wings and brought you unto myself".

This memorial makes a connection with an emerging science, that of aerial survey, which had started when man first took to the air and was able to see the potential for accurate mapping.