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The Arms shown on the pulpit sounding-board are those of Crawfurd impaled with Lindsay, which may give a date for the board itself, for the two families were united in marriage, with Patrick Lindsay adopting the name of Crawfurd in order to continue the Kilbirnie line in 1664.
The board could, of course, have been altered at any time after that

The Blazon for the above is Dexter, Gules a fess Ermine (for Crawfurd), Sinister, Gules a fess Argent and Azure (for Lindsay).


Above the entrance to the Cunningham Aisle the Arms of Viscount Crawfurd are displayed, wreathed in leaves. No documentary proof exists of when this was put in place. It is interesting to speculate that this might have been on the occasion of his death, further it is unknown which Viscount is commemorated as the Arms pass from father to son without any alteration.

The Blazon is: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Azure three crosses pattée Argent: 2nd and 3rd Gules, a fess chequy Argent and Azure; over all an inescutcheon Gules charged of a fess Ermine.